Framing: Taking it to the Streets!

Race Equity Project staff and LSNC client the Coalition on Regional Equity (CORE) are meeting monthly with interested community activists to share framing techniques for use on local equity campaigns. Relying heavily on the research of The Frame Works Institute and the Opportunity Agenda, the curriculum includes the deconstruction of the local narrative that will  be a powerful  additional tool in local framing campaigns.

Each month the group will take on a subject such as 1. The structure of a frame; 2. The use of Metaphor; 3. Mythology and framing; 4. Word choice – powerful words/toxic words; 5. How to frame community values to develop a deeper understanding of the use of cognitive framing in advocacy.

The group will engage in framing techniques using hypothetical fact situations drawn from local equity issues.  Currently being considered are homelessness, food deserts, transportation equity, environmental justice campaigns.