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Looking for health and race resources? You’ve come to the right place! Currently, our resources are slightly California-centric; that’s our service area after all. If you have region-specific resources please share them with us as we would love to broaden our scope. Any suggestions, additions, or comments? Have a great site or article that you want to share? We’d love to hear from you! Please use the “Contact the REP” button on the right.

General Information

Applied Research Center

  • Site Summary: Wow! This site has information on immigration, education, health, poverty and policy. It also has sections specifically targeted to the needs of journalists, researchers and activists. A one-stop-shop for resources to support your race-based advocacy. The health section provides links to recent documents of interest. Take a look at Closing the Gap, a research/policy piece worth a read.
  • Suggested Uses: A general information site useful for staying abreast of current issues and non-region specific health and race information.

The California Endowment

  • Site Summary: This site focuses on health issues in California and is of limited use to non-California practitioners.
  • Suggested Uses: Need a case study of a California population? Whether you are looking for data on the Hmong population or rural health data you can find it here. If you want access to the full list of publications published by or in association with the California Endowment make sure to click Publications in the Publications and Resources section.

Ethnic Majority

  • Site Description: Ethnic Majority provides listings, links, and summaries of recent articles and studies on health and race.
  • Suggested Uses: A good starting point for research on current health and race issues. Ethnic Majority has a free newsletter to help you stay current on health and race issues.


  • Site Summary: A joint venture by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health, MedlinePlus is an all-purpose clearinghouse for health information. Although the main site is of limited use for race-based advocacy, MedlinePlus has sub-sites for racial and ethnic groups: African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American. These sites provide the latest news, information from the N.I.H., nutrition information, screening information, financial issues information, general research information, organization listings, statistical information, and child issues information.
  • Suggested Uses: MedlinePlus’s resources are so broad in scope and large in amount that they can meet most information needs.


  • Site Summary: PolicyLink proposes principles, strategies, and policies to improve the impacts that neighborhoods and communities have on their residents’ health. Although the PolicyLink site covers a range of issues, the community health section is a great resource.
  • Suggested Uses: PolicyLink is a good source for policy-level pieces on health and race. If you need more praxis based resources take a look at PolicyLink’s various toolkits.

Poverty & Race Research Action Council: Health

  • Site Summary: This site provides a listing of recent articles, PRRAC advocacy project updates, current PRRAC projects, avalable grants, and a research guide.
  • Suggested Uses: The REP recommends PRRAC’s FAQ about Racial Disparities in Health. Interested in an overview of PRRAC’s work on segregation and minority health disparities?

Race and Ethnicity Health Statistics

Center for Disease Control: Office of Minority Health

California Health Interview Survey

  • Site Summary: California advocates, your race and health data needs have been answered! CHIS requires registration to access its services. Registration is free and well worth the 2 minutes of your time. CHIS provides data on hundreds of health topics, allows for costomizable population and geographic searches and downloadable search results in Excel format. Don’t forget that you can use Excel data in ArcGis.
  • Suggested Uses: Any statistical or demographic data needed for advocacy in California.

Print and PDF Materials

Asian American Coalition, Are We Caring for our Elderly? Health and the Ageing Laotian (June 2001)

  • Summary: This case study examines the health care of the Laotian population thus bringing to light the unique nature of refugee health care issues.

The California Endowment, California County Profiles: Limited English Proficient Population (June 2006)

  • Summary: This report provides demographic and language profiles for all California counties.

The California Endowment, Unequal Treatment. Unequal Health: What Data Tells Us About Health Gaps in California (2003)

  • Summary: This piece is a wonderful source of “sound bites” on racial disparities in health care. Nicely packaged and easily consumed.

California Institute for Rural Studies, Suffering in Silence: A Report on the Health of California’s Agricultural Workers (November 2000)

  • Summary: This study provides a profile of the health of California agricultural workers and includes demographic and statistical data to illustrate disparities in health.

Hasnain-Wynia, Yonek, Pierce, Kand and Greising, Hospital Language Services for Patients with Limited English Proficiency: Results for a National Survey (October 2006)

  • Summary: This report examines language access issues and language barriers that limited English proficiency persons face when trying to obtain quality health care.

Jacobs, Agger-Gupta, Chen, Piotrowski and Hardt, Language Barriers in Health Care Settings: An Annotated Bibliography of the Research Literature (August 2003)

  • Summary: Annotated bibliography of language access issues in health care.

The Los Angeles Urban League and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, The State of Black Los Angeles (July 2005)

  • Summary: This report presents key indicators of racial disparities in the provision of health services in Los Angeles.

PolicyLink, The Influence of Community Factors on Health: An Annotated Bibliography (2004)

  • Summary: An annotated bibliography of research addressing how community factors affect health.

PolicyLink, Reducing Health Disparities Through a Focus on Communities (November 2002)

  • Summary: Need some ideas on policies and practices to reduce disparities in health care? This piece outlines some interesting suggestions to help you along.

Sampson, Language Services Resource Guide for Health Care Providers (2006)

Sharing Resources

Please share your health and race resources. Whether these resources are in the form of a research memo, a presentation, or a web site, sharing resources allows us to maximize our collective impact. We can make documents available for general or restricted release according to your preference. If you have a health and race issue that you can’t resolve, let us know. We may have something help in our restricted-release document cache. Please include your name, organization, position, and a description of the type of information needed and for what purpose it will be used. We will try our best to assist you.

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